MediEase Immunization Tracking Software Version 3.3 tracks the immunization and compliance status of your institution's enrollment. MediEase tracks any immunization or series including childhood, adolescent, adult and travel immunizations. MediEase retrieves vital statistical information instantly, maintains it accurately and identifies non-compliant students. MediEase is quick to learn, easy to use and comes in a stand-alone or multi-user version.

MediEase Immunization Tracking Software is the solution because MediEase:

Tracks Any Immunization, Test, Series, Followup or Requirement MediEase tracks and monitors any immunization

MediEase ensures information accuracy. Youíll no longer have to spend time calculating dates submitted to see if they fall within immunization guidelines. Just enter the data and MediEase immediately determines and informs you of any problems. MediEase identifies non-compliant patients automatically. Once data is verified, MediEase automatically shows the compliance status. MediEase allows you to set guidelines and uses those guidelines to determine compliant/non-compliant status. MediEase supports programs to manage outbreaks. MediEase can identify patients who may meet compliance requirements but are not immune. You can identify those patients at risk quickly and accurately saving time and resources.


Produces Reports, Letters and E-Mails

MediEase reports are ready to run at the push of a button. MediEase produces statistical reports, noncompliance reports, requirements-due reports and many other reports, as well as letters and labels. For example, if you do a mailing to your non-compliant patients (you can create your own standard letter), MediEase will print the letters and mailing labels, and then keep a record in the patientís file of the letter and date sent. Send Compliance Letters via E-Mail. MediEase comes with the ability to choose to send a notification to a patient by e-mail if you have entered that information as part of the patient's record otherwise MediEase will print a letter for mailing.


Simplifies Data Entry

MediEase simplifies data entry with clear and easy-to-use screens. MediEase reduces data entry. Transfer of patient basic demographic information from another system can be automated with the MediEase import facility. For Educational Institutions MediEase can communicate with a campus registration system. Updates and additions are performed as often as required. MediEase makes verification of data easy when using the optional imaging module. Just click to view the electronic image file of the source document. You no longer have to search through paper filing systems for the source document.


Provides Compliance Information to Other Systems

MediEase creates files with compliant/non-compliant status for easy data exchange with other departments and systems.


Files and Organizes Immunization Documentation Electronically

MediEase images data via scanning. All submitted documentation is stored with the studentís record. If you canít find the documentation a student claims to have sent you - just click and you can view, print or fax any documentation provided.


Operates With One to Many Users

MediEase comes in a stand-alone or multi-user system. Our system is fully compatible with existing Local Area Networks (LANs) or runs on a stand-alone PC. MediEase is designed to run on Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT Operating Systems. Return to Top