MediEase Immunization Tracking Software

MediEase is the premier immunization compliance calculation and tracking software since its introduction in 1995. MediEase was first introduced to the college and university health services communities and moved to Managed Care, Medical and Dental Schools, hospitals and EMS organizations

MediEase easily enables calculation and tracking different immunization requirements for diverse patient populations.  MediEase calculates compliance based on immunization events.  Simply put, once MediEase is set-up with your rules, you can track multiple groups each with their own unique set of immunization requirements.  Also because MediEase uses rules, and each event is evaluated in conjunction with other related events, MediEase looks at the entire immunization history to calculate compliance.  Add your own tests and events unique to your needs.

MediEase is easy to use and our expert staff and consultants can help you design an immunization compliance tracking solution that serves you whether tracking less than one hundred employees or tens of thousands of patients.

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MediEase, offers the most comprehensive immunization compliance calculation and tracking available today. Due to our broad client base MediEase can provide the flexibility that enables you to define your specific immunization needs.

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