SynCo Technologies, Inc. - the creators of MediEase

SynCo Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as Synectic Software, Inc.) has  provided clients with PC-based systems and solutions since 1994. Since inception our mission has been: "To provide intelligent software, superior services, and reasonable prices for our quality products."

One of the first and best-known proudcts developed by SynCo Technologies, is MediEase. MediEase revolutionized the model used for capturing, analyzing and archiving critical data associated with an institution's immunization record reporting and storage, effectively changing it from a paper-based to an electronic-based system.  The MediEase concept of generic rule-based processing has also been used in other applications including the SynCo Scheduler, an appointment and calendaring system designed specifically for university mental health centers and student health offices.

SynCo Technologies, Inc. stands for innovative product development, excellence in customer service, and integrity of purpose and solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the tools, solutions and support you need to generate and use information in a masterful way. Visit the SynCo Technologies web site to learn more about who we are and what we do.

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