MediEase 3.3 Update

This update is the 2/15/2002 update (to check your version, choose Help and About; If it doesn't say any date, or the date is earlier, download this version).

Do NOT download this file if you are using a previous version of MediEase -- This update is for MediEase 3.30 users ONLY!

Click the link below and save it to your local hard drive. Copy it to your MediEase program directory, overwriting the previous MEASE.EXE file.

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Update 2/15/2002:
When two patient records were combined, the address was lost: This now works properly and saves the main record's address; if there is only one address between the two records, it will use that one.
Patient and Immunization Notes were not printing: Fixed.

Update 8/17/2001: 
Ongoing Series (those specified with 0 Doses needed) were not calculating compliance or recommending the next dose properly: Fixed. 
NextActionDate and LastActionDate were not appearing properly on reports: Fixed. 

Update 4/11/2001:
When searching for a patient by name and there are duplicates, MediEase shows you a list starting with the first person with that last name instead of the first person with the same first and last name. Fixed.

Update 2/8/2001 includes a new report for checking duplicate Names/DOB and a fix for sorting in reports other than "List" output reports.