MediEase On-Line Support
All MediEase users have access to an on-line Knowledge Base. To use, go to MediEase Help On-line. To log a new issue or request, you must have a current MediEase Support Contract.  To learn about Support Options request more information by email: 

MediEase Updates
To make sure you have the latest update, in MediEase click on Help/About and verify you have the latest update. To download the latest update click here and follow the directions.   

On-Line Help Documents
Various Documents have been created that address specific issues.  Click on and read or print the attached PDF documents.

Adding A Titer  (specifically a Varicella Titer but use these instructions to add any titer)

Add Td Waiver Event to IMM  (These instructions add a combined Td Waiver event -instead of entering both Tetanus and Diphtheria Waivers- that can be used until the shortage of Td vaccine is over)

Add a new PPD event in the IMM  (add an annual form/questionairre requirement to the PPD 2-step Ongoing 1-step)

Add Vaccinia (Smallpox)  (add the Vaccinia with simple compliance tracking or comprehensive compliance tracking)

Archiving Patient Records  (how to use the archive feature)

Back-up Protocol  (a recommended backup protocol)

Add Combo Hep A&B  (how to add the new combination Hepatitis A & B vaccine as an event and associate it with Hepatitis A and Hepatits B series)

Adjust Mumps rule for those born before 1957  (how to adjust the rules in MediEase from for the MMR so that Mumps vaccination is required for those born before 1957)

Changing ID/SSN in Scheduler and MediEase  (for those who have both MediEase and the SynCo Scheduler, how to change an ID/SSN)

MediEase Technical Requirements  (the minimum system requirements for using MediEase)

Using On-Line Helpdesk  (how to access and use MediEase On-Line Support)

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