MediEase Versions

MediEase is flexible and adapts to any specific compliance rules and requirements making MediEase the premier immunization tracking software. When is MediEase right for you? When you want the software to know your rules and easilyl change when the rules change.

MediEase tracks any vaccination or event for any immunization with any compliance requirements including immunization schedules for Twinrix the 3-dose, recently FDA-approved vaccine combining Hepatitis A & B and Anthrax the 6-dose with annual booster series. Developed by SynCo Technologies, Inc., MediEase is a unique tool that allows you to enter immunization events (vaccinations, waivers, exemptions, etc.) and automatically calculates compliance status based on both standard and custom rules and immunization series.

MediEase tracks immunization compliance based on an organizationís unique requirements. MediEase calculates compliance (compliant, not-compliant, temporarily compliant, informational). MediEase knows, once you decide on the specific requirements, to follow your rules and give you the reports, letters and information you need to keep your population up-to-date.

MediEase Express
The perfect choice for a small college, EMS or hospital handling a population from 10 to 800 people (children, adults and seniors). Single-user, manual data entry. Manual included.

MediEase Solo
Full version of MediEase software for a single user with 60 days full telephone support, assistance with initial customization of our default rules and series, importing and exporting to mainframe demographic or billing systems (Student Information Systems). Full online help and printed manuals included.

MediEase Network
Same as the Solo package, but works over a network. Appropriate for a medium-sized university. We set up your rules for you. All you have to do is install and go.

MediEase Client/Server
Same as the Network package, but with a more robust Client/Server SQL database back end. Appropriate for large populations: large universities, county systems, state-wide and military programs.

Additional Modules/Options

Web MediEase
Available with MediEase Client/Server, this module allows your population to access their compliance status via a secure web site and see what immunization history. Secure and flexible. Once installed, this secure application accesses the information in MediEase using the individual patient Social Security Number. Once verified the student would see their compliance status and immunization history. The application would be hosted on your institution's web server and would require access to the MediEase database.

Web MediEase provides students a method of checking their own Immunization Compliance Status independently at any time of the day or night. The call volume of students calling Health Services for their immunization history and immunization status is minimized.


Web MediEase is powered by Gen-i-Sys Technology.

The New York State Immunization Survey Module
This reporting tool for Educational Institutions produces all required Measles Immunity statistics for educational institutions to report to New York State.

New York City DOH Gratis Vaccine Administered Report Module
This reporting tool for New York City Institutions produces the Doses of Vaccine By Age Group Report (MMR).

SynCo Scheduler
Add the SynCo Appointment Scheduler is designed to be used in University Mental Health Counseling and Student Health Offices. The SynCo Scheduler not only replaces manual and hand written appointment books, it prints daily schedules - for your entire provider staff or one provider at a time, creates statistical reports and manages provider schedules.

Support Contracts
Support Contracts are available providing telephone support and extra features to MediEase On-line our Help and KnowledgeBase. More Options Many more options are available. Call us for more information about features and which version is appropriate for you or email us at

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